Saturday, June 25, 2016

grandma's chuckles - "But I'm Your Sweetie Pie!"

My youngest grandson does not tend to like it when I call him anything other than his name. If I call him, "sweetie", he says; "I'm not sweetie, I'm Shane!" If I call him, "honey", he says; "I'm not honey, I'm Shane!" If I call him, big boy, the says; "I'm not big boy, I'm Shane!" You get the idea. It doesn't matter what I call him, if it isn't, "Shane", he reminds me what his name is.

Yesterday when he was at my house, he was climbing on his older brother when he was trying to read. Josiah kept telling Shane to leave him alone and stop climbing on him, to no avail. Finally I told Shane if he did not leave Josiah alone so he could read, I would have to give him a time-out. Of course, being two, he didn't take me seriously and climbed on Josiah again.

I picked him up and sat down with him for his time-out, to which he said; "But I'm your sweetie pie!!!"

It is true, he is my sweetie pie, but he still had to sit for his two minutes of time-out. I have been laughing about this for the last day . . . and expect to do so for quite some time!

What have your grandchildren said/done lately which put a smile on your face?

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