Monday, June 27, 2016

My Top Five "Do-Not's" for Grandparents - #5 - Do Not Fail To Greet With Enthusiasm

When it comes to being grandma - or grandpa - there are so many wonderful things we get to do; things which bring us joy . . . and sometimes hugs, kisses, snuggles, "I love yous" and a great laugh, too! But, there are also things we must be careful not to do, so for the next few days I'm sharing with you my Top Five "Do-Not's" for Grandparents, beginning today with #5 . . . 

  • Do not fail to greet grandchildren with smiles, hugs and "I love yous". 
Stop whatever you are doing to greet your grandchildren, so they know you are truly happy to see them! Let your delight at seeing them show on your face, in your eyes, in your voice and in your actions . . . they are only little for a few short years, be sure they know without a doubt you love to see them!

What is on your "Do-Not's" list?

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