Friday, June 24, 2016

My Top Five Ways to Show Love to Grandchildren!

Grandmas - or grandparents - and "love" go hand-in-hand and showing this love to our sweet grandchildren just comes naturally! Throughout the week I've been sharing my Top Five Ways to Show Love to My Grandchildren and today I'm ready to write about my Top Way to Show Love to Grandchildren . . .  
  • Tell them about Jesus and how to walk with Him!
The most important thing for my grandchildren to know is for them to know God loves them and they can love Him back. I share this Good News with them because I love them. It is the single most important thing I can, and ever will, do. I love my grandsons with all my heart and want them in Heaven one day and to know and walk with Jesus now. So, I share how God works in my life, I let them know when God answers my prayers, I pray with them, we study God's Word together, we serve together, we praise God together. I want my grandsons to know God loves them and they can love Him back!
While I do not want my grandsons to grow up to be narcissistic, I do want them to know their grandma absolutely, most certainly loves them. I say it and I show it and most importantly, I tell them about God! 

What do you do to show your love to your grandchildren?

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