Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Top Five Things I Want My Grandsons to Learn!

As I have been saying for the past few days, life truly is a journey; one where we are constantly learning, but when it comes to my grandsons, while I certainly want them to learn to read and love learning in general, there are some things which are at the top of my list of things I want them to learn. Today I'm happy to share the thing which is at the top of my list . . . 
  • God loves them! If they do not learn this . . . and truly take it to heart, there is nothing else in life which matters. Knowing and fully believing God loves them is essential for them.
I want my grandsons to know God loves them. I want them to be able to identify how God shows His love to them, so they are able to see when they are experiencing His love in their every day lives. I want my grandsons to believe with all their hearts - no matter what is going on around them, the truth of how God loves them!

Yes, these are the Top Five Things I want my Grandsons to Learn; what are the top five things you want your grandchildren to learn?

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