Monday, June 13, 2016

The Top Five Things I Want to See in My Grandsons' Lives - #4 - They Have Great Joy!

Yesterday I shared how one of the most important things I want to see in my grandsons' lives is for them to grow to become men of prayer. I know and believe with all my heart, if they are boys, then teens and one day men, who are serious about talking with God, they will be far, far more likely to make wise choices and live lives which glorify God. 

Being men of prayer is very important to me, but so is the #4 thing on my "list" . . . 
  • They have great joy. 
Far too often when asked grandparents, and parents, say the most important thing to them is for the children they love to be happy. Happiness is not something we should want, or seek after for our grandchildren/children. Why you ask? Because happiness is fleeting and depends on circumstances, but joy is something much more, much deeper and is a gift from God. Joy will help my grandsons go through whatever life brings - the good and the bad, so I want to see them grow to be men who have this joy from God!

What do you want to see in your grandchildren's lives?

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