Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Top Five Ways to Show Love to My Grandchildren . . . #2 - Hug, Snuggle & Kiss!

I've been writing about my Top Five Ways to Show Love to My Grandchildren and today's
"way" is really pretty much a "no-brainer", but may be something we do less of as our grandchildren get older. It is easy to hug and snuggle our grandchildren when they are little, but they still need hugs when they are older . . . so, today my #2 way to Show Love to my Grandchildren is - hug, snuggle & kiss . . . 

  • Hugs! Of course hugs are a great way to show love to grandchildren; as are kisses and snuggling! 
My grandsons do enjoy snuggling in my lap . . . and I enjoy it too, as I know how very fast they will grow, so being able to sit in my lap is something which will only happen for a few more years. This means for the next few short years, this grandma's lap is always available for snuggling sweet boys.

But, while it is easy to hug and snuggle them while they are little, I have to remember, just because they grow up and get too big for my lap, it does not mean they no longer need (or actually want) a hug. Appropriate touch matters and my grandsons will always have a grandma who hugs them!

I most certainly want my grandsons to know their grandma absolutely, most certainly loves them and one way they are reminded of this is when they receive hugs! 

What do you do to show your love to your grandchildren?

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