Saturday, July 16, 2016

Fun with the Grandchildren - Frogs & Pancakes!

There are many things we do with our grandchildren - especially when we want to pass faith to them. Important things. Things we are intentional about planning and watching for those opportunities to make connections between life and our faith.

But, along with these things, we need to also remember to have fun. Yes, fun. There is nothing wrong with having fun with our grandchildren, and actually everything right about it. Having fun with our grandchildren is a great way to build our relationships with them - and give them memories they will cherish. 

I look back and remember having fun with my grandparents, like going fishing and playing Rook. Memories which I cherish. I want my grandsons to have these kinds of memories, too. So, I both plan for fun and watch for those unplanned opportunities for fun with my grandsons.

Yesterday was an example of unplanned fun. My grandsons were outside with their poppa and dad when they found a frog. Of course, they had to catch it - and bring it to show grandma! The smiles on their faces told me they would remember this and they were having fun! (They released the frog in the yard when they finished holding it.) I remember catching frogs when I was young - great memories! I'm glad my grandsons have the memory of catching frogs, too!

This morning we had a pancake-eating-contest (planned fun). We did this for no reason other than to have fun . . . and enjoy pancakes! The boys thought they'd be able to eat 100 pancakes . . . or 14 pancakes and ended up eating seven and five! They had lots of fun and so did I! 

Yes, we are intentional about passing our faith to our grandchildren, but we also need to be people who have fun with our grandchildren . . . and fun was had at this grandma's house last night catching frogs and this morning with a pancake-eating-contest!

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