Thursday, July 14, 2016

LeapFrog LeapStart

I was recently invited by LeapFrog to take a look at their new, "Interactive Learning System for Active Minds" . . . the LeapStart! They sent me the Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten leapstart, so I could have my grandsons try it out and today I'm happy to share my review with you.

LeapStart Interactive Learning System for Ages 2-4
Manufacturer - LeapFrog
Ages - Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten - First Grade

Favorite Features -
  • Easy to use and set up
  • LeapStart system works with all levels of learning/activity books
  • Stylus is attached to the LeapStart so it does not get lost
  • Larger stylus makes it easier for little ones to use
  • 16 Activity books currently available - teach ABCs, shapes, colors, phonics, writing, counting, critical thinking, reading, math, logic, reasoning, vocabulary, fractions and STEM activities - grow with your grandchild.
LeapFrog says; "LeapStart is a complete interactive learning system which teaches 200+ key skills through a library of books to help budding thinkers prepare for school and life. From counting to creative thinking, phonices to problem solving and shapes to social skills, it gets them ready for school with learning which springs to life."

My grandsons enjoyed the LeapStart I received; Caleb (four years old) said he thinks children will enjoy playing with it and Josiah (seven years old) said he thought "little kids" would learn by using it. Shane (two years old) just told me he liked it - in-between playing with it!

I like how the books provide the opportunity for increased learning as activities become more challenging. I also liked how it is easy to set up and use, but would have liked it more if it had rechargeable batteries rather than using AAs.
It looks like the books will be filled with content which will help little ones prepare for school - the boys just had the sample book which came with the LeapStart - and like it basically works along the same lines of the LeapReader. The LeapStart looks like a fun resource to have at grandma's house which will help little ones learn.

Christmas is just a few months away, so keep the LeapStart in mind as it could be a great option for the little ones you love!

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  1. Would love this for my three younger grandblessing's. It's so hard to keep up with growing little ones at my house. And now I have two boys but only girl toys! Follow on Facebook, newsletters, Pintrerest.