Monday, July 11, 2016

Learn, Have Fun and Grow Closer to God Together!

There is nothing more important for grandparents to do, than to be intentional about passing on our faith to our grandchildren. However; while some of us know how to do this, and have resources to help us with this, others struggle to know what to do to engage their grandchildren in learning how to love, know and walk with God.

This is why I wrote Science, the Bible & Fun. I have three grandsons and I want to pass my faith to them. While it matters for me to share my faith with my grandsons - and I do this - there has to be a point where it becomes their faith. Where they choose to love, know and walk with God. So, since I know my grandsons enjoy science projects, I wrote a curriculum to use with them which will engage them in science projects, gives us time to play fun games and make crafts, but most importantly, helps them learn about Bible people and how they chose to love, know and walk with God, so my grandsons will be able to make the same choices.

Science, the Bible & Fun is available for you to use, too! This book has 52 weeks of science projects and fun activities along with solid Bible learning to help your grandchildren learn to love, know and walk with God, too! In the year of activities Science, the Bible & Fun provides, you and your grandchildren will learn about Noah, Josiah, Jehoshaphat, Jesus, Caleb, John, Daniel, Elisha, Adam & Eve, Abraham, the judges and Saul. Plus, you and they will have the opportunity to learn to pray the Scriptures as well!

There is much to like about Science, the Bible & Fun - opportunity to build memories with your grandchildren as you have fun together, learn together and grow in your walk with God! You will find it at this link.

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