Saturday, July 16, 2016

One Free Item from Shutterfly!

I have a LG Stylo phone - and I love it! I'm very happy to have it and when I need a new one, I'll definitely be getting another. However; there are times I wish I had an iPhone . . . like this morning when I opened my email. Today and tomorrow (July 16, 17, 2016) Shutterfly is giving away one of four things - your choice, and one is a photo cover for the iPhone! Sadly, there are not any available for the LG Stylo - if there were, I'd definitely order one . . . I'd have already done so!

The iPhone cover is worth $45, so if you - or someone you know, has an iPhone, this is a great opportunity to get one . . . Christmas is just five months away!

There are three other items you may select from - photo playing card, photo mouse pad and photo journal. You'll find Shutterfly at this link and use the code - YOURCHOICE - Enjoy!

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