Sunday, July 3, 2016

Pure Joy . . . & Raspberries!

Years ago, decades ago, when we moved into the house we live in, my sister (who lived down the street and around the corner) gave me several raspberry bushes to plant in our new backyard. Through the years these bushes have produced many, many berries which were enjoyed by my children . . . and now my grandchildren.

Caleb is four and apparently did not remember we have raspberry bushes in our backyard. Last night his parents had a bonfire in our yard . . . we live on a acre in the country and have lots of room for bonfires. They live in the city and do not have space for a bonfire, so our yard is the location of choice for bonfires. At some point, someone either noticed the berries in the back or thought to check to see if they were ready and much to Caleb's delight, they were!

He came bounding inside asking for a bowl to put the berries in and then ran right back out to set about the serious - and tasty - business of picking berries! After he finished picking - and eating berries, he came back inside to show me his "bounty". 

If you ever wondered what, "pure joy" looks like, I know! It is the look on this four-year-old's face at having been able to pick, eat and take home a tub of fresh raspberries! His face shone with delight! Pure joy! (And "evidence" of berry eating as well!!!)

The bushes should continue to produce berries for a while . . . and I'm quite sure they will be visited by Caleb, often!

This Summer when the boys are at our house, at each mealtime, everyone at the table gets to share something which they are thankful for . . . I will not be at all surprised to hear Caleb say he is thankful for raspberries and for the bushes in his grandparent's backyard!

And so am I!

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