Monday, July 18, 2016

The Top Five "Do-Not's" for Grandparents . . . #1 Do Not Fail to Share the Joy of Walking With God

When it comes to being grandma - or grandpa - there are so many wonderful things we get to do; things which bring us joy . . . and sometimes hugs, kisses, snuggles, "I love yous" and a great laugh, too! But, there are also things we must be careful not to do, so today I'm sharing with you my Top "Do-Not's" for Grandparents.
  • Do not forget to share with your grandchildren your joy in knowing and walking with God! 
Yes, we need to be intentional about teaching our grandchildren what God's Word says, but one powerful way we help them understand God's Word is for them today, is by sharing with them how our very real God works in your very real life today! When they are able to hear and see how God answers your prayers, how you are learning to love, know and walk with Him and the joy which comes from doing so, it will have a powerful impact on their lives. So, be sure to tell them how God answers your prayers and be sure to pray with your grandchildren about the things which matter to them. The day will come when they have to make the choice to love, know and walk with God - if they have been able to see for themselves how doing this changes lives and fills them with joy, they will be much quicker to make this choice for themselves.

There are more, "Do-Not's", but these five are at the top of my list. What would you put at the top of your "Do-Not's" list?

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