Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Top Five "Do-Not's" for Grandparents . . . #2 Do Not Fail to Point them to God

As we continue to think about the things we must be careful not to do as grandparents, this is one which matters a great deal to me. Yes, it matters to me if I meet my grandchildren with enthusiasm and remember the little things. It matters if I listen to them. These things do matter and are on my Top Five list, but this one not only matters, it is essential . . . 
  • Do not fail to point your grandchildren to God.
While there are many important things for me to do as a grandma, it is essential for me to not fail to point my grandsons to God. It is essential for you, too. Of all the important decisions they will make throughout their lives - and there will be many - none matter more than their choice to love, know and walk with God. It is essential for your grandchildren to know how much you love them, but it is ever so much more important for them to know God loves them!
What would you put on your "Do-Not's" list?

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