Thursday, August 11, 2016

Being Truly Thankful and Passing on a Blessing

While there are many things I want my grandsons to learn, I'm especially focused right now on helping them grow to be people who have truly thankful hearts. With this goal in mind, we have changed how we pray at meals at this grandma's house. Rather than have one person pray, we go around the table and each person shares something for which they are thankful. 

I like doing this for a couple reasons; first, it lets each of us think about what we are thankful for and gives us the opportunity to share and secondly, because I am able to get a "glimpse" into what my grandsons are thankful for! (Shane - just turned three - often says he is thankful for donuts - whether we have any or not!)

Then we pray a blessing together. When my children were growing up, I did not know about praying a blessing for them. But for my grandchildren, this is something I want to make part of the "culture" at their grandparent's house. I'm very happy to see how my grandsons are valuing this - they want to say the "blessing"!

While sitting at the table at meals (or before they head to bed at night on sleepovers), we reach out and touch the people on either side of us and say together; "Trust in God with all your heart, and do not depend on your own understanding. In everything you think, say and do, think about God and He will make your path straight." Then we all say, "Amen!" together.

It is my prayer and goal for these things - the way we pray at meals and how we are incorporating blessing each other at meals and bedtime - to do two things . . . help my grandsons become truly thankful people and grow to be people who truly trust, love, know and follow Jesus!

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