Saturday, August 13, 2016

Our Special Song - Try It with Your Grandchildren!

Since my sweet Josiah was little (nearly seven years ago) I have sung a particular song to my grandsons at nap-time and bedtime. When I sing this song, they stop fussing, listen and peacefully go to sleep. I may have to sing it thirty times in a row, but they always settle down and go to sleep with a smile on their face!

What is this amazing, powerful song, you ask? I'll share it with you. It is my own version of, "You Are My Sunshine", and it goes like this . . . 
"You are my sunshine, my little sunshine. You make me happy, all the day. I love you forever and for always. You are my sunshine today!" 
I sing it softly to them as I snuggle them in my arms and this song does put them to sleep!

I have wondered why this song is so sucessful at getting little boys to settle down and go to sleep and I think it is because of a few things . . . 
  • I sing softly. They have to settle down to hear me.
  • I look them in the eyes when I sing - and they look back at me!
  • The words tell them how much I love them - forever and for always!
  • The words tell them I treasure them - they are my sunshine and they make me happy all the time.
  • They hear, see and feel my love for them when I sing to them.
I'm convinced this combination of love calms and reassures them and helps them settle down and go to sleep. So, when your sweet little ones are at your home for a sleep-over, feel free to use this song with them and see if it helps them settle down and go to sleep!  

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