Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Today Only Ten Free Photo Magnets from Shutterfly!

This morning when I opened my email I found an amazing offer from Shutterfly - today, and today only (August 10, 2016), you may choose up to ten (yes 10!!!) 4x5.5 magnets for FREE!!! You have to pay shipping, but just think about the "jump-start" you could get on your Christmas shopping!!! Think about how you might brighten the day of someone you know with a lovely photo magnet!!! Think about how many more amazing works of art you will be able to cover your refrigerator with if you had ten more photo magnets!!!

You just need to personalize up to ten magnets (4x5.5) and then use the code FREEMAGNETS . . . it is this simple! I've ordered my ten magnets and am looking forward to the orange package arriving in a few days!


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