Monday, September 12, 2016

Focus Upon God's Plan for You!

As you think about beginning - or continuing - your retirement, what do you think about? Do you look forward to traveling or downsizing to a smaller condo in a retirement village? Do you look forward to being able to finally do what you want to do, because you will be finished with the job of raising your children?

Our society has done a pretty amazing job of communicating to us how our retirement is a time for us. A time to do the things we always wanted to do. A time to enjoy life. But, when we turn our focus to ourselves in our senior years, we end up missing what really matters.

God's Word is very clear about how our lives are not "over" when we get older and it is not the time to indulge ourselves. God has a very important job for us to do . . . we are part of His plan to pass on a heritage of faith to our children's children. The best part about this is it is not a burdensome thing . . . it is a blessing and joy to influence our grandchildren; and this is something which psychiatrists are able to see and measure!

Yes, in the March 20, 2016 edition of the Wall Street Journal, there was an article entitled: "It's Time to Re-Think the Bucket-List Retirement", by Marc E. Agronin. He said; "Rather than feeling exhilarated by a life of bucket-list adventures, they often end up feeling depressed and disconnected. As they travel the world to soak up experiences, too many seniors inevitably lose track of what really matters—their connections to family, friends and community. They feel like strangers in their own homes. There’s a way out of this trap. Retirees should think about using all of the advantages that make a bucket list possible, such as wealth and vigor, to build something much deeper and more meaningful. Instead of taking a dream vacation to chase fleeting thrills, they should use their time to create something more lasting instead—whether that means building bonds with family or their community or reimagining travel adventures as an opportunity to share experiences and wisdom with grandchildren."

You'll find the full article at this link -…/its-time-to-rethink-the-bucket-list-re… - please take time to read it and then pray about what you can - and will - do to, "build something much deeper and more meaningful with your grandchildren" and entire family!

God's Word tells us His plan for families . . . grandparents pass on their faith to their children's children. Doing this benefits the grandchildren (of all ages) and the grandparents as well, as it helps us see our lives have purpose, meaning and great value. The relationship we can have with our grandchildren is special - as grandparents we truly can influence our grandchildren - throughout their lives!

So, let's make the most of it and focus on building deep and meaningful relationships with our grandchildren which point them to Jesus!

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