Sunday, September 18, 2016

Grandma + Photos = New Mugs & Mousepad! (And a Great Offer From Shutterfly for You!)

I'm a grandma. This means several things, one of which is, I love photos of my grandchildren - and my entire family. Last weekend we had our pictures taken with my parents - four generations! Then yesterday we had photos taken with just Poppa, myself and the grandsons!

I have new photos, which of course means it is time to get some new things printed up with photos on them! I love the larger photo mugs from Shutterfly . . .  and am thrilled to see they have a new one which is black inside and out . . . looks so sharp! I have all the mugs with colors inside and on the handle - they are a great size for me and I love the designs! No, they did not pay me to say this - I just really love their mugs!

And, I love their new designs for mouse pads, too! So, this morning I ordered new mugs and mouse pads . . . and, am very happy to say I saved a LOT! Shutterfly has a great - amazing - offer today only . . . you may pick anything you want and save $10 - even if your total comes to $10!!! (You do have to pay shipping.)

Plus, they have almost everything at up to 50% off . . . the mousepads were 50% off and the mugs almost 50%, so I saved a LOT, and am looking forward to the delivery in a few days!

You'll find all the specifics for the sale at this link and use the link CHOOSE1 to save the $10 - or get two photos free or one free placemat - your choice!


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