Tuesday, September 13, 2016

grandma's cookbook & just for fun . . . Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day & Make Apple Pie Bites!

Along with talking about important things like, passing on a heritage of faith to our grandchildren, I like to share fun recipes, crafts and info which is just "fun" on grandma's cookie jar. Today I'm very happy to share something which is just "fun" . . . a "silly holiday" . . . Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day and a tasty and easy recipe for making Apple Pie Bites which I found on Pinterest. First, the silly holiday.

Today is, Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day. The idea behind this "holiday" is to get children into the kitchen where they will help plan and prepare meals. Of course while if is great fun to have our grandchildren help with preparing meals, it is also a wonderful opportunity to help them learn a skill which will benefit them throughout their lives . . . learning to cook! So, invite your grandchildren to "take over" your kitchen today as they join you in the kitchen and have fun cooking together!

And, if you are looking for a recipe which you could prepare together, check out this recipe I found on Pinterest this morning . . . Apple Pie Bites! All you need is refrigerated  crescent roll dough, sliced apples, melted butter and cinnamon and sugar. Simple! You'll find the recipe at this link, but I think not only would it be fun to make today, it sounds like a tasty treat for a fun breakfast as well!

And, be sure to talk with your grandchildren about how God created apples and the food we eat; be sure to thank Him for His many wonderful gifts which we enjoy each day. Then, you could have your grandchildren make up a large batch and take some to share with a neighbor or shut in to brighten their day as well!

What might you make with your grandchildren on , Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day? Enjoy!

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