Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hold On to God's Faithfulness & Help Your Grandchildren Do the Same

Our lives, and the lives of our grandchildren/children are complicated. There are times of joy; times when we see great things happening in our lives and the lives of those we love and when we look forward to the day and all it will bring. However; there are also times when we feel great sadness; times when we only see pain for those we love and do not see how things will end in a positive way.

During both of these types of times, we need to remember the truth - God is faithful. He always loves us and always does what He says He will do. This is faithfulness and I for one depend upon it, am ever so thankful for it and want my grandchildren/children to know and depend on as well. The Bible is full of true accounts of real people, just like us and how our very real God showed His love, grace and faithfulness to them. These accounts help us understand how He shows His love, grace and faithfulness to us as well; especially in the sad and difficult times where we have a hard time seeing the good.

When I think of God's faithfulness there are many people in the Bible who come to mind, but my favorite is Jehoshaphat. Yes, Jehoshaphat! In case you might be wondering who he was, or trying to remember where he fit in the Bible, look in 2 Chronicles 17, 19 & 20. David loved and worshiped God when he was king; when he died his son Solomon became king, but he allowed his many wives to lead him into idol worship. When Solomon died, the kingdom split and Judah was ruled by Solomon’s son, Rehoboam, who did not always follow God. But towards the end of his reign he humbled himself which pleased God. When Rehoboam died, his son Abijah become king and he followed God. Then his son Asa became king and 2 Chronicles 14 says he did what was good and right in God's eyes! God told Asa if he looked for Him, he would find Him. The Bible says Asa led the people in turning to God! Sadly in the final years of his life he did not seek God and died not being completely faithful to God.

This brings us to Jehoshaphat, the son of Asa and Great-great-great grandson of King David. Jehoshaphat chose to follow God. He led the people in doing the same, but then one day he learned a "vast" army was coming to fight him. This army was way bigger than his own. What did he do??? Did he hide? Did he run away? Did he gather a committee? No! He turned to God! He remembered how God had been faithful to him in the past and chose to trust God to be faithful to him in the present - and the future!

God told him what to do, he obeyed and the result . . . well, read 2 Chronicles 20 to discover what happened! I will tell you, it was amazing, exciting and proof of how God is so faithful! Be sure to share this true account with your grandchildren/children - no matter their age!

God is still the same today! He is faithful! Our lives often have difficult times. No, you are not likely to have an actual "vast" army headed your way to attack you, but you will have challenging, difficult, scary and sad times in your life. So will your grandchildren/children. But, remember the truth! Our God is bigger than we think He is and He is able to do ever so much more than we can even begin to imagine!

He has been faithful in the past! He is faithful now! He will be faithful in the future! Believe this for yourself and be faithful to help your grandchildren and children see, understand and experience God's faithfulness as well.

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