Friday, September 2, 2016

The Mud Run & Our "Job"

Last weekend my son and his oldest son (Josiah) participated in the Mud Run (children's version was 1.5 k). It was the first time my grandson did anything like this and he was not sure what to expect . . . other than knowing he was going to get really muddy!

The morning of the mud run was chilly - it was only about 64 degrees and was rainy . . . making it not the warmest day for a mud run. Josiah was not sure if he really wanted to participate . . . he was cold and wet and cold before the run even began. But, his dad told him they should at least give it a try. So they did.

Throughout the run - which they ended up completing - my son was by my grandson's side - helping him over obstacles, helping him understand what he needed to do to get through, over or under each obstacle.

After the race, several photos showed how my son helped his son and got me thinking . . . this is the "job" of parents and grandparents. We are there by our children's/grandchildren's side, helping them, watching over them, helping them understand what they need to do in life!

So, as you go through today and this weekend, take time to think about how you are doing these things for your children/grandchildren . . . it is our job and our joy as well, because as we do these things, we are able to watch as they gain confidence and are able to move through life having learned and ready to move on!

Have a joy-filled day!

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  1. I agree!sometimes I think it helps them see a different perspective on things when I show them or tell them how I do it. Maybe it it a little bit different from what their parents have said or shown them.I love to see their eyes light up when they think they can do something then.