Monday, September 26, 2016

Use Our Words to Love and Give Hope!

Growing up can be difficult. Trying to figure out "who" you are and what you are going to "do" with your life, are not the easiest things to do. Children sometimes receive messages which make this even more difficult. It is one of our greatest responsibilities to be absolutely certain the messages our grandchildren receive from us are ones which build them up, encourage them and give them a positive view of themselves for many reasons, but one of the most important reasons is, because the way a grandparent sees a child is often the way they will see themselves.

Stop and think about this for a minute. How do you see your grandchildren? More importantly, how do you talk about them? Do you choose your words carefully when they can hear you, so the words they hear from you are ones which build them up? Words which convey how you believe they are amazing people who can do incredible things? Words which give them hope and a positive view of themselves and their future? Or, do your words discourage them? Do your words harm the way they see themselves?

When you think about this, think also about the words you - or a "friend" - may say about your grandchildren which they overhear . . . I once heard a mother talk about how she should have stopped having children after her first child was born, or at least after the second was born. She then laughed, but her second born (a son), heard her and her third born (a daughter) was in the room and may have been listening as well. These kinds of careless and thoughtless words cut to the soul and damage the spirit of a child. They must not be words we say - or allow anyone who is with us - to say about our grandchildren. There is an old saying; "Love me, love my dog (or cat)" - this may make us laugh, but it absolutely has to be the way we feel about our grandchildren. If we do not stand up for them and use words which build them up - and require those around us to do the same; who will?

This does not mean you are dishonest with your grandchildren. If they are not physically or mentally able to do something, do not tell them they can. But be careful not to limit their future based on their present. They will grow. They will learn. Just because they may not be able to do something now, does not necessarily mean they will not be able to do it when they are older. And, if your grandchild is behaving in a way which is inappropriate, help them learn to make better choices: to obey, share, be kind, etc. But always be sure your words reflect your love for your grandchildren. Period.

Stop and think for a minute about the "messages" God gives us. He tells us over and over in His Word how very much He loves us and how He has plans which will give us hope and future and not harm us. God sets the very best example for us to follow when it comes to loving our grandchildren!

We must be people who believe in our grandchildren. People who love them with our all and who encourage and build them up. People whose words and actions give security, hope and love to our grandchildren. People who stand up for them if others try to diminish or tear them down. People who love them with our words and our actions, so all the "messages" they receive from us are ones which help and do not harm.

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