Monday, October 24, 2016

"Because My Grandma LOVES Them!"

I live on an acre, out in the country, in West Michigan, in the farmhouse my grandparents built back in the 1920's. In my front and side yard are six very large maple trees. In my back yard, behind the double-stall garage is the most enormous maple tree I've ever seen - it reaches far above the roof of the garage and spans beyond the sides of the garage - on both sides! It is enormous! We also have one very, very tall sycamore tree, three birch trees and several other trees - including about a dozen pine trees.

These trees provide wonderful shade for my house and yard throughout the summer and are just beautiful as their leaves change colors in the fall - lots of bright yellows, some oranges and a truly incredible red! 

They also have millions . . . yes millions of leaves (my husband is VERY thankful for his tractor and leaf bagger!!!)

So, why do I mention all these trees and leaves? Because Caleb, my five year old grandson, is absolutely CONVINCED his grandma (me) loves leaves. Wait. Did I say, "loves"? I would more accurately have reflected his opinion to have said; "LOVES!!!" Since he LOVES his grandma (me) and he is certain I LOVE leaves, he often comes running into my house holding a leaf . . . and since it is Fall, and the leaves are steadily falling off the trees, there are currently no shortage of leaves for him to bring to me! My husband (Caleb's Poppa) asked him the other day why he was bringing me a leaf, and Caleb said; "Because my grandma LOVES them!"

Why is he so convinced I love, LOVE leaves? Do I really? Well, no. I do not LOVE or even love leaves, but I absolutely LOVE Caleb! I LOVE with no end being able to see his face light up, his eyes twinkle and a smile which reaches from one side of his sweet face to the other when he runs into my house with a leaf in his hands. I LOVE being able to hug him and say, "Thank you!!!" to him, with heart-felt sincerity, for his gift of love to me. He sees my smile, feels my hug, hears me say; "Thank you!!!!" and he is happy - and he is more CONVINCED his grandma (me) LOVES leaves . . . it is really sweet Caleb who I LOVE . . . without a doubt! It is his sweet heart of wanting to give to his grandma (me) something he believes I value and in so doing he is giving me what is most valuable to me . . . him and his love for me!

There are several more weeks to go of leaves falling and being swept up . . . I expect to receive a great many more leaves . . . and will LOVE each one, because they are tangible expressions of a sweet five-year-old's love for his grandma (me)! I am thankful for each one and without a doubt for the sweet boy holding them - and I feel most blessed!

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