Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Christmas Review & Giveaway - November 4, 2016 - Even Superheros Have Bad Days

I have three grandsons, which means along with pretending about aliens, monsters and investigating bugs, we have lots of talk about superheros! So, when Sterling Children's Books asked me to review one of their new books and the title was, Even Superheroes Have Bad Days, I knew I wanted to see it for sure! My grandsons enjoyed the story and I am happy to share with you about it today . . . as well as to announce a giveaway, too!

Even Superheroes Have Bad Days
Author - Shelly Becker
Illustrator - Eda Kaban
Publisher - Sterling Children's Books
Ages - 3-9

Favorite Features -
  • The positive message about how while superheros could yell, throw fits, create a ruckus when they have a bad day, they certainly won't.
  • Colorful illustrations help children "play along" with how a super hero might respond, and how they do respond. Although I don't like one illustration.
  • With the addition of superheroes, this is a book which will help children think through how they feel, how they respond and how they might respond instead.
  • Provides opportunities to talk with children about self-control, and how Jesus might want them to respond when they have a bad day - even though this book does not mention Jesus at all, it does provide an opportunity for us to bring Him into the conversation!
Sterling Children's Books says: "'When Superheroes don’t get their way, when they’re sad, when they’re mad, when they’ve had a bad day . they COULD  super-tantrum, they COULD but they DON'Tbecause REAL Superheroes just WOULDN'T—they WON'T!' All children have trouble getting a grip on their emotions, sometimes—even young superheroes! But what do they do when they’re having a bad day? Colorful action-packed illustrations and a dynamite rhyming text reveal the many ways superheroes (and ordinary children, too) can resist the super-temptation to cause a scene when they’re sad, mad, frustrated, lonely, or afraid. From burning off steam on a bike or a hike, to helping others, this energetic picture book has plenty of fun ideas to help children cope when they’re feeling overwhelmed."

I loved how Even Superheroes Have Bad Days talked about how superheroes might use their superpowers to kick, pound or punch when they have a bad day. They might yell, they might break and throw things, but they have all kinds of choices and instead of being destructive they might ride a bike, take a hike, help others or try to make others laugh. Children will identify with how a superhero "might" act when they are having a bad day and find encouragement in some of the ideas for the choices they could make instead as well.

I'm happy to say, along with sending me a copy for review, Sterling Children's Books is making another available for me to give away (USA only). So, if you live in the USA, are over the age of 18 and would like to win Even Superheroes Have Bad Days, please comment below to let me know what you tell your grandchildren to do when they are having a bad day . . . a good friend told me to have young children pretend to be balloons - take in a deep breath and then let it out like a balloon to help them relax. We do this and talk about what we are feeling and how we can ask God to help us. We also say our Blessing (Proverbs 3:5,6).

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  1. Can't think of any specific ways of calming down or redirecting their anger. I follow on Facebook and email.

  2. Hugs. Hugs do the trick every time!

  3. Thanking God for our many blessings sure helps on a bad day.