Saturday, December 10, 2016

Our First Annual Snow-A-Palooza!

Each year during the month of December, I plan special surprises and fun for my grandsons when they are at my house (which is typically a few days a week!). This year, along with small items under the tree (books, transformers socks, candy canes, etc), I planned for them to "receive" special "experiences" . . . last week we had our First-Ever Candy Cane Hunt . . . and it was a lot of fun for sure!

So, today the boys are getting to experience petting live reindeer and will be able to see thousands and thousands of Christmas lights at the Frederick Meijer Gardens - we will have a lot of fun for sure! And, tomorrow we will have our First-Ever Annual Snow-A-Palooza!

What is a Snow-A-Palooza, you ask? Well, since we received a fair amount of snow over the past few days - and could get as many as eight more inches tonight - it seems like the perfect time to have a lot of "fun" in the snow! The boys - and their parents - will be able to compete to see who can build a snowman the fastest in our snowman building contest, race to see which team can make the most snow angels in three minutes, have a snow-ball throwing contest (adults can only use one hand to make and throw their snow-balls) and have a "tracking" contest where teams have to follow in the steps of other teams . . . this should be interesting with all the snow we have! Then, when all the cold "fun" has been experienced, they will come inside for some hot cocoa and fresh-baked cookies!

And, many, many photos will be taken, so I will enjoy the "Snow-A-Palooza, too! I want my grandsons to have lots of memories of fun at grandma's house . . . and the Snow-A-Palooza should be one of these "fun" memories!

Have you ever held a "Snow-A-Palooza"? What do you do with your grandchildren at Christmas time just for the fun of it?

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