Friday, December 30, 2016

Passing Faith to Our Grandchildren - Part Two

Yesterday I wrote about what my husband and I are doing this year to focus upon passing faith to our grandsons. I shared how we are focusing upon helping them learn to live the Fruit of the Spirit by taking one part each month to talk about, live through service projects and to encourage our grandsons whenever we see them living the Fruit in their lives.

Today I'm writing about the second thing we want to focus on with them . . . helping them become people who pray. We gave them each a journal (just a small notebook) and we are regularly sitting down with them to talk about how God is answering their prayers and talk about what we can pray about with them. We have the boys draw and/or write how God answers their prayers and their new requests in their journals – and we are sure to go back over previous ways God has answered and the requests we are still praying about with them. Even my grandsons who are too little to write, can draw pictures . . . I always have them explain their answer/request, so I am able to write their prayer requests out along with the date of their requests . . . I do have a three year old grandson and his drawings are “interesting” to decipher on my own!

So, along with our hopes for 2017, we are focusing upon helping our grandchildren walk closely with God by learning to live the Fruit of the Spirit in their lives and learning to be people who pray . . . we do have great hope for 2017!

What are you doing this year to focus upon passing faith to your grandchildren and to help them love, know and walk with God throughout 2017?

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