Monday, January 2, 2017

A "New Normal" for 2017

Well, it is 2017 . . . Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and my son’s birthday have all been celebrated at my house! Today I’m taking down the Christmas tree and my husband is taking down the outside Christmas lights. Life is getting back to “normal”.

“Normal” life can be such a wonderful thing – more “normal” schedules, more “normal” activities, more “normal” responsibilities – as long as my “normal” includes being intentional about passing on a heritage of faith to my grandchildren.  It is too easy for our “normal” to be things like work, chores, church, time with family and friends, but not necessarily a focus upon passing on a heritage of faith to our grandchildren.

So, as 2017 begins, let’s commit to a “new” “normal”. One which includes the following . . .

1. Watching for how God leaves His fingerprints (or footprints as my Caleb likes to call them) in our lives! What is He doing? How is He leading, teaching, guiding and protecting us? What is He doing to care for and provide for us? How is He answering our prayers?

2. Being certain to share with our grandchildren what it looks like for God to leave His finger/footprints in our lives. One strong lesson from the Old Testament is the example of how the people of Israel forgot to tell their children and grandchildren about what God did for them, leaving a generation who did not know God or remember what He did. I want my grandchildren to  know God and to be people who watch for God’s prints in their lives!

3. Making sure I spend time in prayer each day for my children and grandchildren– and throughout each day as God prompts. God hears, listens to and answers our prayers. There are so many things I can not do as a grandma, but there is nothing God can not do! In 2016 I learned to never underestimate God – in 2017 I am looking forward to seeing what He will do and how He will answer my prayers! I’m so thankful He can do anything . . . and will do the most amazing things in the lives of the people I love!

These are just three of the “new normal” I want to be part of my life as I go through 2017. . . what do you want to be part of your “new normal”?

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