Tuesday, January 31, 2017

!Day Backwards Is Today

Yes, today is Backwards Day . . . a fun silly day to celebrate with the children you love! For me I think I will celebrate this on Saturday, since my grandsons will not be at my house today, but if you want to celebrate today . . . or Saturday, consider the following fun, “Ideas Backward” which you could try with your grandchildren . . .
     1.      Let them wear their clothes backward . . . if you are really brave, you could try it, too!
2.      Serve a meal backwards . . . dessert first! What grandchild would not enjoy this!
3.      Challenge them to walk backward whenever they go somewhere for a backwards hour.
4.      Play “backwards monopoly” . . . the idea is to start with money and property and try to get rid of as much as they can for the hour you play.
5.      Read a favorite book backwards.
6.      Have fun writing your names backward . . . if you want to be really “snazzy” and “clever”, try writing the letters backward, too!
These are just a few ideas . . . what might you do to celebrate Backwards Day with your grandchildren?

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