Monday, January 16, 2017

Gabriela, the 2017 American Girl Doll Girl of the Year™ - I'm Giving One Away in May!

Friday the delivery truck brought a box to my door – inside was the new American Girl Doll Girl of the Year – Gabriela! So, today I’m very happy to announce, once again on May 24, 2017 I will be giving an American Girl Doll away – this time it is the very lovely Gabriela!

Ages – 8+

Favorite Features –
  • ·         I love Gabriela’s beautiful wavy hair and her soft, huggable design . . . little girls are sure to fall in love with Gabriela!
  • ·         Includes a book with Gabriela’s story – American Girl describes it as; “Gabriela has grown up surrounded by the arts—dance, painting, music, and theater. But poetry is becoming her art form of choice, for good reason: she struggles with stuttering and poetry helps her words flow more freely. Although Gabriela is a bit quiet, when she does speak, she is sharp, honest, and funny. But can she learn to harness the power of her words and her creativity to help save her beloved community arts center from being torn down? 208 pages. Paperback. Author: Teresa E. Harris.
  • ·         I love how Gabriela’s story includes a challenge and shows how she faces and overcomes it – great encouragement for all girls, no matter the challenges they face.
  • ·         Soft cloth body, vinyl head with rooted hair and eyes which open and close – Gabriela is a doll little girls will love, and save to one day pass on to their own daughter/granddaughter/niece as she is heirloom quality.
American Girl describes Gabriela as; “Meet Gabriela, the 2017 Girl of the Year™! She's a true talent who gets creative for a cause. The 18" Gabriela doll has warm brown eyes which open and close, and curly dark-brown hair. She has a huggable cloth body, and her movable head and limbs are made of smooth vinyl. She comes with the Gabriela paperback book, plus her signature outfit: 
  • A cropped purple sweater with silver dream graphic and soft turquoise tank top
  • A fitted pair of dark-blue jeggings to keep her comfy
  • A pair of purple shoes with turquoise straps, a pink double headband, and 10 hairbands
Gabriela is a truly lovely doll, made to the standard we have come to expect from American Girl Dolls. As I mentioned, I love how American Girl created Gabriela to have challenges which she learns to face and overcome – a wonderful encouragement to all girls everywhere.

I’m very happy to announce a giveaway for the Gabriela doll American Girl sent to me for review. If you are over the age of 18 and would like to enter this drawing for Gabriela, the 2017 American Girl Doll Girl of the Year™ - which will be on May 24, 2017, please comment below to tell me about a challenge you faced as a child - or an adult – for me I face the challenge each day of having MS.

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  1. I have not had many struggles, but being nearsighted has made sports like swimming a lot
    E more of a challenge.

  2. I follow you on Facebook, through my Feedly account rather than e-mail, and on Google +

  3. I deal with a lot of chronic pain.

  4. As a kid, I grew up in a single parent household after my parents separated and divorced. I was the oldest and was given a lot of responsibility because my mother had to work 2 jobs to make ends meet. I struggled to balance all the emotions that go along with that.

  5. I have digestive issues. I've had frequent heartburn since I was quite young. I hate not being able to eat spicy, flavorful food without paying for it. I also hate being out somewhere, having fun, and having to run to the bathroom. Sometimes I wonder if I have undiagnosed IBS. SO not fun!! Lol

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  8. I have had many challenges in life. One of my biggest is dyslexia. I had trouble in school because of it. I was evaluated by so-called professionals, that said I would not amount to anything and that my parents should not expect much from me. Evil people! I went on to get a science degree- I had to work extra hard for that degree, but I still got it! Now, Lymes disease has left me with chronic dizziness. I have been to many doctors, some of the best in the country, but they have not been able to fix me. I keep praying God will take this away from me! My kids are still young, and I want to be the best mom I can be for them. I do manage well, considering. I believe God has purpose for our struggles. I don't think I would have the strong faith in God that I do today if I didn't struggle like I did. God is our Rock!

    My daughter really likes Gabriela. She is so cute. I like how she overcomes her disability!
    I follow through email. I pinned this contest:

    Thanks for a chance.

  9. As a child I did not have many challenges, but had difficulties with my family when I was an adult. I have strived to take the high road and let go of my anger and hurt so I can be a better mother and hopefully raise my children to cherish their family and siblings all their life. My soon to be nine year old loves Gabriella and started asking for her January 1st! I would love to be able to get Gabriella for her.

  10. A difficulty I faced as a child was growing up without a Dad. My dad passed away a week before my 9th b-day. My mom had to work a lot to make ends meet, and I had to grow up fast!! Some of that hurt still affects me today, and I am determine to give my children a better life!

  11. I follow you on FB, and I also liked your page there (Dana Chere), I liked you on G+ (Dana Fricke), I also followed your blog by email. I shared this giveaway on my FB page! Thank you for this chance to win this beautiful doll for my daughter!

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  13. please add me in to the giveaway I follow you on fb, e-mail ,nd on pertest and twitter also I tried using friend thing on gfc but its not working but I do follow you under my other name jenny bowen if that counts?

  14. As a kid I struggled with shyness.

  15. My family has struggled through cancer some way too young to have to suffer from this horrible illness. I'm healing from breast cancer my young niece is still battling to overcome hers. We stay hopeful for us to do well. Following through Facebook google + gfc and email.