Tuesday, January 17, 2017

grandma's cookbook - Pizza!

My grandsons find pizza to be a treat they enjoy . . . no big surprise, but one grandsons in particular; my five-year old grandson, LOVES pizza! On his birthday when he gets to choose the menu, he chooses pizza. When it is not his birthday and he is at my house, he asks – ever so sweetly – if we can have pizza! Yes, he is a big fan of pizza.

Sometimes we order pizza, but other times I like to involve my grandsons in helping me make our own pizza, so last week I decided to make pizza and wanted to try a new recipe I found for the pizza crust. I have to say, the crust recipe is excellent – you’ll find it at this link. It is really easy to prepare and bakes up tender and just perfectly!

When my grandsons saw we were having homemade pizza, which this time I made in the shape of a large square, my oldest grandson - the most logical thinking eight-year old you'll ever meet, said; "I'm glad it is a square pizza, because, even though it does not make any sense at all, square pizzas taste better than round pizzas."

One of the fun parts of making our own pizza is my grandsons get to help choose the toppings and the shape – and help make the pizza. This recipe is one we will use – often . . . because it is an easy and tasty recipe and because my grandsons love pizza!

What recipe do you use when you make pizza?

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