Saturday, January 14, 2017

Grandparents Can Make a Difference - By Being Intentional Christian Grandparents

Yes, I originally shared this with you this past November after the first-ever Legacy Grandparenting Summit, but since I've been writing about how grandparents can make a difference in the lives of their grandchildren, I decided I wanted to share the Intentional Christian Grandparenting Declaration with you once again. Larry Fowler challenged us with this in his general session that Tuesday evening (November 15, 2016) - is it not how you feel as an Intentional Christian Grandparent? Watch this video . . . 

I wrote out the text of the declaration for you - yes it is on the long side, but every bit of it matters, because Intentional Christian Grandparenting Matters. Please share this with the grandparents you know and the leaders in your church!

The Intentional Christian Grandparent Declaration

I am a grandparent and this is my declaration. Yes, I am a grandparent, but I am more than a grandparent. I am a Christian grandparent. 

I believe the Bible and the God of the Bible. 

I've received the grace of the Gospel of the Christ of the Bible and I desire to be a life-long devoted disciple.

I want my grandchildren to do the same!

Yes, I am a Christian grandparent, but I am more than that. I am an intentional Christian grandparent and this is my declaration.

I love my grandkids, so I will hold them when they're born, I will cuddle them when they are one, chase them when they are two, read to them when they are three, play with them when they are four and laugh at their jokes when they are five. I'll support them, exhort them, cheer them, revere them, I'll praise them; even help raise them. I will be there for them, but that's not enough! As an intentional Christian grandparent, I will do more.

I will pass on my faith, but my vision is beyond that. I will perpetuate my faith, therefore; I will teach two generations. But, I will not only teach two generations, I will think four generations.

I will ponder what kind of grandparent must I be, so my grandchild becomes one like me then his carries on the legacy.

Yes, I am an intentional Christian grandparent.

Culture says, "Retire and go play." I say; "No thanks. I'll pray!"
Culture says; "Pursue affluence." I say; "I'll pursue influence."
Culture says; "You're old, you did your time." I say; "Not so! I'm in my prime."
Culture says about the young generation; "You can't relate." I say; "Ain't true. My influence is great!"

I know my grandchildren need me, but from me they need Godly wisdom, my Christ-like example, my faith stories, my earnest prayers, my uninterrupted time, my unconditional love and my God-authorized blessing.

So, what is intentional Christian grandparenting? Let me spell it out for you.
I will Guide grandkids with grace.
I will Respect parent roles.
I will Abound in my affection.
I will Nurture their nature.
I will Deal with the dilemma of distance.
I will Pray with passion and purpose.
I will Adjust my attitude, in case 
I need to Restore relationships.
I will Excel in my example.
I will Number my days.
I will Tell them my testimony.
I will Intentionally influence.
I will Never neglect the newest generation.
And, most importantly, 
I will Give them the Gospel!

Because I am an Intentional Christian Grandparent and this is my declaration!

Does this not describe both the grandparent you want to be and your heart for passing on a heritage of faith to your grandchildren? Let's all commit to be Intentional Christian Grandparents, because grandparenting matters and we truly can make a real, lasting and essential difference in the lives of our grandchildren!

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