Tuesday, January 3, 2017

I Am Loved - & I Have the Old, Dry Brown Leaf to Prove It!

My grandsons were at my home New Year’s Day, and since it was a nice day, they went outside to play for a while. At one point Caleb (five years old) came inside with a big smile on his sweet face and an old, dry brown leaf in his hand – it was for me! He was so happy to have found a leaf for me . . . it had been “warm” out – well, relatively speaking it was “warm” for Michigan (40 degrees) and our snow had melted revealing a "treasure cache" of old, dry leaves. He happily gave me the “treasure” he found and went back outside to play.

This left my husband and me talking and laughing about how Caleb loves to give me old, dry brown leaves. He is absolutely convinced I love these old leaves . . . I do not, but I absolutely love him with all my heart, so when he gives me a “treasure” he found outside, I happily look into his sparkly blue eyes and tell him a very sincere, “Thank you”. Caleb sees my smile, hears my words and knows he is really seeing and hearing love . . . leaving him completely convinced his grandma loves him . . . and these old leaves!

This past Fall I received a steady stream of old, dry brown leaves from my sweet grandson . . . I live in the country on an acre and we have a lot of trees – meaning there is no shortage of leaves in my yard each Fall. But now it is Winter and my husband was able to remove most of the leaves from the yard before the snow fell – I did not expect to receive any more of these “treasures”. Then the snow melted, revealing some leaves and of course sweet Caleb was quick to bring me one.

So, today I’m a very happy grandma as I remember the smile on his face Sunday when he brought me another leaf . . . I am most blessed, because a five year old loves me . . . and I have the old, dry brown leaf to prove it!

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