Thursday, January 12, 2017

just for fun - Let's Have a Heart Hunt!

Valentine’s Day is just about a month away, so if you are looking for a fun idea you could try with your grandchildren; consider holding a “heart hunt”. What is a “heart hunt” you ask? Well . . . think Easter egg hunt, or like I wrote about last month, a Candy Cane hunt, but substitute small paper or foam hearts.

I’m going to cut out small (two or three inch size) hearts from sheets of foam – one color for each grandson, which will allow us to hide them in easier places for the three year old and more challenging places for the eight year old - and be sure each boy is able to find the same number of hearts. Then on the Saturday closest to Valentine’s Day – this year it will be the 11th – their Poppa and parents will hide the hearts outside in our yard. After the hearts are hidden, the boys will get to go find them – there will be about a dozen for each of them to find. Then the boys will get to trade in their hearts for treats . . . their favorite candy, homemade cookies and experiences . . . such as a trip to a local farm, a visit to the park, a hike through the woods, etc.

It will be a lot of fun . . . and really, just for fun; which is not a bad thing. Yes, I’m 
intentional about passing on my faith to my grandsons, but I’m also intentional about building wonderful family memories and things like a having a “heart hunt” definitely fit into this “category”!

What do you do to build memories and have fun with your grandchildren?

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