Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Focusing Upon God's Faithful Love!

At my house we use a Scripture passage as a “blessing” for our grandsons. We say it at meals and bedtime when the boys are here for sleepovers. So far we have used Proverbs 3:5, 6; Jeremiah 29:11-14a, Galatians 5:22 – 24 and now we are focusing on Psalm 92. We use a passage until we believe God would have us focus on something else with the boys . . . which means we might go back and reuse previous passages from time to time. We talk about the passage for our blessing, what it means and how we live it in our lives, so every time the boys hear it, they know exactly what we are talking about.

Today being Valentine's Day, and the day when we think about love, it seems appropriate to share our current passage with you - with the focus on God's faithful love for us – and how I have “paraphrased” it so my young grandsons will understand.

Psalm 92 –

As you go through this day (or tomorrow) may your eyes see all the great things God does for you and how much He loves and thinks about you; remember and tell about His love for you and His faithfulness all day long. May your heart be filled with joy and praise to God for all He does for you! Keep on growing and bear fruit all your life, so even when you are old, you will be fresh and able to say how God is your Rock and all He does is good and right!

I want my grandsons to see, know and remember how God shows His faithful love to and for them and I know when they do, they will have hearts filled with praise to Him! I want them to be boys, then teens, then men who love God with their all and who are fruitful in how they serve Him all their lives, so this passage seems like a great place for us to “stay” and “visit” for awhile as we use it for our blessing over the coming weeks.

What Bible passage/verse do you use as a blessing for the children you love?

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