Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Pass on the Faith with a Sticky-Note Bible Tool!

My eight-year old grandson recently made the choice to start reading his Bible – this made me so happy! So, I decided to get him some of those narrow  strip sticky notes. I gave them to him and told him to use them when he reads something he does not understand to mark where it is. Then, when he is home, he can ask his parents what the verses mean and when he is at my house, he can ask his poppa or me.

I’m thrilled he has decided to read his Bible, but I want him to understand what he reads and I know there will be many passages he is likely to find confusing. I think the sticky notes will be an easy way for him to engage with his parents and poppa and me with the goal of understanding God’s Word.

This is a simple idea you could use with your grandchildren. Give them sticky note tabs and tell them to mark what they do not understand and then talk about it with their parents and/or you. If our goal is to have them develop a walk with God of their own and for them to read and understand God’s Word on their own, then equipping them with tools to help them do these things is part of what we must do. This is one very easy “tool” we can give them!

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