Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Scary Giant Monster

Through the years my grandsons and I have enjoyed making up our own stories. We have had stories about "George the Bear", One-eyed Monsters and Super Josiah, Super Caleb ad Super Shane. As grandma, I love when my grandsons make up a story . . . their imaginations always leave me laughing!

Facebook has a feature I really love - it is the "On this Day" feature where it shows me things I posted on this day in previous years. Apparently, on this day four years ago I shared a story my then four-year-old grandson Josiah made up. When I read it again this morning I knew I had to share it with you - get ready to laugh . . . and grandmas take "warning" . . . this story is, "dangerous for grandmas"!
The Scary Giant Monster - by Josiah Freeman
Once upon a time there was a very scary monster! It was a dinosaur! He was scary because he shot out robot spiders! Every grandma was scared of the robot spiders! The dinosaur was larger than everybody thought! There was a giant crane which picked up the dinosaur! The dinosaur ate the letters. The scary spiders started scaring all the grandmas again! A giant asteroid squished all the grandmas! Suddenly, another crane picked up the other dinosaur. And then an asteroid hit a hat! The End. But it wasn't really the end! Another spider shot out! There was an electric, giant gate nobody could get through. And then there was a giant footprint with an electric peanut inside! This story is dangerous for grandmas! The End - Again!
The imagination of a four year old boy absolutely leaves us laughing! (He illustrated it with eight legged spiders, dinosaurs and trolls, but he said he had absolutely no idea where the trolls came from!) :-D
Yes, it was "dangerous for grandmas" for sure! I hope this story brightened your day . . . even if you are a grandma!

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