Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Three-Year Old, Sacrifice & Big Hero 6

The animated movie, Big Hero 6 tends to be a favorite with my grandsons . . . no big surprise as there are super heroes, robots, bad guys who get caught and excitement. It also has a solid message of family, friends, relationships and sacrifice . . . which I’m surprised to say, my three-year old grandson understands.

Friday when his Poppa was bringing him home after work for a sleep-over, he apparently had much to say about how Baymax (the robot) sacrificed himself for Hiro. “Sacrificed”??? What three-year old knows what this word means and is able to identify a character who sacrificed themselves and for whom they sacrificed themselves?

Apparently this three-year old can!

So, today, if you have not watched Big Hero 6 with your grandchildren I’d love to encourage you to do so – and be sure to talk with them about the solid messages of family, friends, relationships and sacrifice in the movie and how Jesus sacrificed Himself for us. 

I love it when a movie gives me the opportunity to have important and meaningful conversations with my grandsons! Apparently Big Hero 6 is one such movie.

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