Friday, March 10, 2017

If I Could Climb Trees - Get a Free Kindle Copy!

I was recently hired to write a short post about a new book for children, written by Jeff Minich and illustrated by Renan Garcia, which releases on March 28, 2017, so today I am happy to let you know about If I Could Climb Trees and how you are able to receive a Kindle copy for free!

 If I Could Climb Trees (Amazon Product Page link)
Author – Jeff Minich
Illustrator – Renan Garcia
Publisher – Nuggies Illustrated Children’s Books (Website link)
Ages – 4-7

Favorite Features –
  • ·         Colorful, creative illustrations which will capture the attention of children.
  • ·         Fun story of “I wonder what . . . encourages children to imagine and wonder.
  • ·         Characters children will enjoy.
Nuggies says; “A little dog dreams of all the things she could see and the creatures she might meet--if only she could climb trees. On one blue-sky day, she imagines she's climbed to the top of a tall tree. Once there, she discovers what life is like for the other creatures in the tree and then comes to find they also dream their own little dreams. Together they picture a world where bugs have shoes for their little feet; birds have paws to bury treats; and yes, even four-legged little Nuggies can climb trees! Moving between day and night, If I Could Climb Trees is a whimsical bedtime story which encourages children to explore their imaginations, dream bigger dreams, and see the world through the eyes of others.

The author, Jeff Minich describes his book as; “I'm so pleased to share this latest Nuggies story,’ said Jeff Minich, Author of If I Could Climb Trees‘It takes
children on a fantastic journey while also encouraging them to consider the world through many different points of view. Building empathy and understanding for others is a key theme of the Nuggies book series, and one which is woven throughout this latest book.’

While I have not personally read this book, I like what I see on the website – and if you visit the Nuggies website, you will be able to download free coloring pages! The idea of imagining what life might be like for others – just to discover they may wonder what life might be like for you – is a great way to start conversations with children about how they are able to understand and care about others.

If I Could Climb Trees, releases on March 28, 2017, but is currently available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other retailers for preorder. And, I’m very happy to let you know this book is available for free Amazon Kindle edition download offer (offer dates: 3/30/17-4/2/17)! For more information, check out the Nuggies Facebook Page.

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