Monday, March 6, 2017

Praying Through Psalms for my Family

This year I’ve been praying through the book of Psalms for my family. Each week I have a different passage from Psalms which I work through, praying specifically and intentionally each day focusing on a different portion of the passage for the week.

This week I’m praying through Psalms 107 – with the focus upon praying the following . . .

·         On Sunday I prayed my family will experience God’s goodness and love, will have thankful hearts and any who do not yet know Him, will have their hearts drawn to Him.
·         Today (Monday) my focus is upon praying they will trust God to hear when they call out to Him for grace.
·         Tomorrow (Tuesday) I will be praying my family will experience God’s love and grace and have hearts filled with joy, so they are quick to tell others about God.
·         Wednesday I’m praying when they experience the storms which come in our lives, they will be confident in trusting God to hear, help and lead them to a safe place.
·         Thursday I’m praying they will have eyes which see how God shows His unfailing love to them, so they will have thankful hearts.
·         Friday I’m praying when they experience difficult times, they will know they can call out to God and He will hear and help them.
·         Saturday I’m finishing the week in Psalm 107 by praying my family will remember all God does for them and will experience God’s joy when they think about these things.

I am certain my family will experience difficult times in their lives; we all do. So, praying for them to be able to experience, see and remember how God shows His love and grace to them seems to make a lot of sense to me. Praying through the book of Psalms is a wonderful way to help me focus my prayers for my family – I’m using my book Deeper in 4 Grandparents& Parents, Too! Praying the Scriptures for the Children You Love – Psalms Edition to guide me through the book of Psalms and help me pray intentionally for my family.

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