Friday, April 14, 2017

Shane's Important Things

I have three sweet boys on their way to my house - two of whom do not feel well, so since it looks like today will be busy, I wanted to get a quick post up before they arrive. Yesterday just Shane (three years old) was here, and I had the opportunity to learn about something which matters a lot to him.

At my house we have a little crib which has been where Shane sleeps when he is here. It is also where he puts the things which matter to him the most . . . his Corgie toy is in his crib. His big basset hound plush toy is in his crib. A transformer toy is in his crib. His pillow with photos of his family on it is in his crib. His yellow blanket is in his crib. His blanket with photos of our family on it is in his crib. And now, his own, real Bible is in his crib.

Yesterday we were talking about the Bible and he asked if he could have a real Bible. I happened to have one I was saving for him, so I went and got it. He happily looked through it and held it for awhile. Then we got busy and I didn't think about it . . . until I went to bed and looked in his crib. There, with his other important things, was his Bible - carefully placed on his photo blanket.

Apparently his own, real Bible is important to Shane. It is my prayer as he grows older it will always be one of his, "important things"!

I am a happy grandma!

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