Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Intentionally Engage The Children You Love in Reading God's Word with Generations Quest

When you look at the world in which we live, do you wonder how the children you love will be able to maneuver around and through the many, “land-mines” which surround them?

Do you wonder how they will be able to grow up as children, then teens and eventually adults who love, know and walk with God, when everything around them seems to be focused upon keeping them from doing so?

Do you feel concerned when you think about how these children, who you love with all your heart, will ever make the choice to turn their backs on the opinions and temptations of the world and instead make the choice to hold firmly to God?

Do you have the desire to help them learn to read, understand and live God’s Word, but do not know where to begin or what resources to use to accomplish this?

Would you be interested in a resource which provides the tools you need to help your entire family, young and old, near and far, learn to read, understand and live God’s Word, together?

Would you like a resource which provides an intentional Bible reading schedule for you and the children you love to read each day—together—whether your grandchildren are young or old and whether you live near or far?

If you are looking for just such a resource, then Generations Quest is for you! Generations Quest launched yesterday and is now available for you to use with the children you love - check it out at generationsquest.com and please help spread the word!

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