Monday, June 12, 2017

Finding Garnets!

One of my brothers works for a company where they make counter tops out of marble and other stones. This past weekend his son graduated from High School and at his Open House, we were talking about how my grandsons LOVE rocks! My brother showed me a counter top scrap he had which was made from mica and garnets. He told me if you hit it with a hammer, the mica would turn to powder and you'd find garnets - then he gave me a piece for my grandsons to give it a try.

So, Sunday at my house the boys were very happy to try it and were so happy to find a lot of garnets! All three of them went home with zippy bags of garnets to add to their growing rock collections!

They will be writing about it on the rock blog ( and will be reviewing a really wonderful book on rocks . . . they will also be giving one away!

Fun weekend - and who knew you could find garnets in mica???!!!

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