Monday, June 5, 2017

Praising God for Answers to Prayer!

When it comes to praying for your grandchildren, what do you pray about and for? Clearly our specific prayers are often driven by whatever is happening in the lives of our family, but beyond these things, what do you pray about and for?

I pray about a few very specific things in pretty much every prayer I pray for my grandsons; they include the following -
  1. I pray for them to have friends who love God, so they are able to be positive influences who encourage each other to love, know and walk with God.
  2. I ask God to protect their minds and hearts, so they will not be deceived by anything this world throws at them and so they will grow in their own walk with God.
  3. I pray for them to be wise - beyond their years, as they are just eight, five and three years old. I want them to be able to know the truth when they hear and see it.
There are other things I pray about and for in regards to my grandsons, but these three are at the top of my list.

And, today I want to praise God for how He is answering my prayers! 
  1. My eight-year old grandson has made a friend with a boy at school who goes to our church - this is a great answer to prayer and I will be adding this boy to my prayers - I will pray and ask God to help him be a positive influence in my grandson's life as I will pray for my grandson to be in this boy's life!
  2. My oldest grandson has started reading the Bible - on his own beyond the verse we read each day with Generations Quest! He just finished reading Job and is working his way through Luke and Psalms! On his own! God's Word is the best thing to protect his mind and heart and the best place for him to gain wisdom!
I will continue to pray these things for all of my grandsons, but today I am rejoicing at how God is answering my prayers! 


  1. Wonderful post. May I ask if your grandson has a children's Bible? I'm looking for one for my 71/2 year old granddaughter.

  2. Yes - I love this one - - I love how it not only introduces each chapter, but reviews them at the end of each chapter.