Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Summertime Plans & Fun

School for my grandsons is almost over for this school year! They just have five more days to go, and then . . . Summer vacation!!! Hooray!

I love Summer vacation with my grandsons, because it means I will be able to see them more and spend more time with them! Most weekends throughout the school year, the boys spend Friday night at my house for a sleep-over, but in the Summer we add in an extra sleep-over during the week - and a few special days of fun mid-Summer as well!

This Summer I expect the boys will want to work on their new rock blog (mineralbros.blogspot.com), so I think we may try to add in a few opportunities to look for interesting and fun rocks.

I want to take them to our local public museum a time or two - Grand Rapids Public Museum has a planetarium, so it would be fun to add it to our plans.

I'm sure we will read books, play chess and monopoly, make interesting things and even bake some cookies now and then. Pretty much doing anything with my grandsons means I will be a happy grandma!

And, two of my three grandsons have birthdays in the Summer, so celebrating is definitely on the schedule for Summer-time fun!

What plans do you have for the coming Summer with your grandchildren?

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