Thursday, July 20, 2017

AirTime Trampoline Park Review - Great Family Fun!

I was recently given the opportunity to review AirTime Trampoline Park, so this past Tuesday my hubby and I took our three grandsons to check it out. When we left my oldest grandson said; "This is the best place ever! It is way better than (another trampoline park in town). If I would have known how great AirTime is, I would never have asked to go to the other one."

So, today I'm very happy to share with you about our experience at AirTime and encourage you to visit with your grandchildren/children (they have six trampoline parks throughout Michigan).

When we arrived at AirTime (it is in the old Menards at Centerpoint Mall in Grand Rapids, MI), we registered on computers. Then we were greeted by the assistant manager - extremely kind - and headed on in. 

The first place the boys wanted to spend some time was on a very large, indoor playground - lots of slides and spaces in which to climb. My youngest grandson was a bit frightened by the height, but his brothers went right to his side, took his hand and showed him and helped him back down! He felt so big to make it up and back down and wanted to go again. I was so happy to see my two older grandsons be so kind to their little brother!

Then it was in to the trampolines. They boys bounced and bounced for hours! They spent time on the trampolines, played dodge-ball and basketball - they are huge fans of the trampolines! 

My two oldest grandsons also spent time on the climbing wall - they LOVED this! I was happy to see them stick with it and keep trying - they made it more than half way up - not bad for a first time.

The boys loved the foam pits - especially the one with the Ninja Warrior obstacle course!

The staff throughout the park were patient, kind and very helpful and I have to say - even though this does not really have anything to do with AirTime, I was so happy to watch as the older teens in each area were so patient and kind to my younger grandsons. If you go - and definitely do so if you are able - you will find very nice people also there enjoying the trampoline park.

We spent several hours with the boys playing to their hearts' content in each area - they loved it all!

AirTime is a great place to take your grandchildren/ children. It is clean, everything looks very well maintained and the staff seem to be well trained. You will find all the info you need along with some great special promotions at this link.

If you take your grandchildren/children to the movies, and buy popcorn/pop, you will spend more than you would to take them to AirTime. But, at AirTime they will be moving, climbing, jumping and playing - on the go the whole time! They will enjoy every moment and so will you - be sure to bring your camera!

We will be taking the grandsons back to AirTime - and they will be very happy to go!

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