Monday, July 24, 2017

Birthday Blessing!

Today is one of the most wonderful days in my life . . . it is the birthday of one of my sweet grandsons! He is six today, but we have been celebrating for a couple days with his party with friends and his birthday dinner at my house.

I love my grandson! He is such a sweet gift from the hand of God - an amazing blessing - I am so very thankful for him! He has a sweet, tender heart and is a bit of a rascal - well, actually quite a bit of a rascal! He is loving and creative and has a curiosity - especially about things like rocks and fossils! I am so thankful he is my grandson!

For his birthday he really wanted a Megladon tooth (which his parents gave him), a piece of a Woolly Mammoth tusk (which his poppa and I gave him) and geodes (which his great-grandparents gave him). He is a very happy boy!

In a couple weeks we will be celebrating the birthday of our youngest grandson and then a month later the birthday of our oldest grandson . . . I love this time of year as we are able to celebrate three sweet boys who are all amazing gifts from the hand of God!

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