Saturday, July 15, 2017

Celebrating Another Year - Birthdays!

We are in for a busy few weeks here at my house. Yesterday
was my husband's birthday and we are celebrating it tonight with a birthday dinner. Next Saturday is a birthday party for Caleb (he will be six), then the following day is his birthday dinner at my house. A couple weeks later it will be Shane's birthday (he will be four) - and of course, we will have a birthday dinner for him at my house, too! Josiah's birthday is a month later (he will be nine) . . . three sweet boys and three celebrations . . . and their Poppa's, too!

I love celebrating my family member's birthdays. They each get to pick the menu - tonight we are having tacos and peanut butter pie, next week for Caleb we are having pizza, cake and root beer floats and then Shane wants tacos and cake, too. Josiah has not decided yet, but he does have time yet to make up his mind.

Family is one of God's sweetest gifts and I am ever so thankful for another year with my husband and our grandsons! God is so good!

How do you celebrate birthdays at your house?

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