Monday, July 31, 2017

crafting with grandma - hand-print elephants for World Elephant Day August 12th

Image result for handprint elephantsA sweet friend emailed and asked me if I had any ideas for fun things she could do with her one and three year old granddaughters while they spent a few days at her home. I sent her a few ideas and thought I'd share one with you today as well. 

The girls will be with her on August 12th - which is world elephant day - I said she could talk about how God created elephants and what it might have been like to be a baby elephant on the ark then make hand print elephants - fingers are legs and thumb is the trunk - add ears and have fun making them different colors, adding background. You could use acrylic paint and fabric medium for this project ( and make really fun t-shirts with their little hands as the elephants!!!

So, if this is a project your grandchildren might enjoy . . . gather the supplies and get ready for some fun . . . and really unique t-shirts . . . and have the camera handy!

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