Friday, July 14, 2017

grandma's chuckles - "I AM a Little Brother!"

I had three wonderful, sweet boys at my house yesterday!
At one point, Josiah was coding/programming and Caleb wanted to show him something - which Josiah found being interrupted while he was coding to be annoying. The boy's aunt was here and told him little brothers can sometimes be annoying - to which Shane spoke up and said; "I AM a little brother!!!
I commented on how Shane may have been offended at what she said, to which he replied; "I AM offended. I am a little brother!

I didn't know Shane knew what offended meant - he is still three - and he said; "I do know what offended means and I am offended, because I am a little brother.

It seems nearly every time the boys are here at least one of them says or does something which leaves me laughing for days to come! What have your grandchildren said or done lately which has left you with a smile on your face?

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