Friday, July 7, 2017

grandma's movie review - Moana

My grandsons recently watched the movie Moana. While there was certainly a focus upon Polynesian myth, there were a few messages I appreciated and today I'm going to share the one I found to be most important.

The grandma in the story is the source of the history and myth in the movie. This grandma is faithful to pass on the story of her people to her granddaughter - and other children in their village. The grandma does not care if others think she is "crazy", she knows the "truth" and is intentional to pass it on in many ways throughout her young granddaughter's life. The grandma also encourages Moana to believe and to not just believe, but to act upon the truth of what she has learned.

The grandma may not seem like a main character, but without the grandma, Moana would not have sailed off to find Maui and return the heart to Te Fiti.

As a grandma, this encourages me to be intentional when it comes to passing on the truth of how God loves my grandsons, He has an amazing plan for their lives and they truly are able to know and walk with Him! Come what may, I need to continue to share my faith with my grandsons and encourage them to not just believe - although I absolutely want them to do this - but to also act upon this truth by choosing to love, know and walk with God throughout their lives.

It is all too easy to think we do not make a big difference in our grandchildren's lives - at least beyond giving hugs and making cookies (both important things!). But, the truth is grandmas do make a difference! Grandmas do have a purpose! It does matter what we say and do and we are able to pass on our faith to our grandchildren!

My grandsons enjoyed the story - and I found it to be surprisingly an encouraging story for grandmas!

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